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Avila Soccer Backpack-Black/Red

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 6000 Poly/Jacquard blend material with mesh pockets.
  • Made from strong polyester, Avila soccer backpack is designed to stand up to the rigors of your daily commute and the elements.
  • Designed to hold size 5 Balls and shoes in separate compartments.
  • Avila soccer backpack has ample interior space for all of your gear and equipment.
  • Avila soccer backpack features multiple pockets to store items, including a side pocket for a water bottle, a front zip pocket for small items, and an internal laptop sleeve.
  • Padded straps make our backpacks ultra comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Comfortable carrying handle.

Also Available

The Vizari 'Avila' Soccer Backpack is also great for other sports like Volleyball, Basketball, and most other sports where you need a backpack. It works for kids and adults and there are several colors to choose from. Spacious enough to carry all of your gear and hold a ball. It comes with several outside hooks and clips to attach shoe bags and other accessories. Breathable pockets let you separate and air out your shoes and gear.

  • The Avila Soccer Backpack is a high-quality backpack designed specifically for soccer enthusiasts. Constructed from a durable 600D Poly/Jacquard blend material, it offers excellent durability and long-lasting performance. The backpack features mesh pockets, providing breathable storage options for your accessories and essentials. The Avila Soccer Backpack includes separate compartments for holding size 5 balls and shoes. This allows for convenient organization and keeps your gear protected and secure. Whether you're heading to practice or a game, or simply need a reliable bag to carry your soccer equipment, the Avila Soccer Backpack is the perfect choice for soccer players of all levels.
  • With its compartments, you can securely store your items, including a side pocket for a water bottle, a front zip pocket for small items, and an internal laptop sleeve. The backpack features padded straps that offer an ultra-comfortable. This makes it effortless to transport your gear, even during long walks. The backpack includes a comfortable carrying handle, providing an alternative carrying option when you don't want to use the shoulder straps.