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Avila Soccer Backpack - Black/Royal

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 6000 Poly/Jacquard blend material with mesh pockets.
  • Strong polyester construction for durability.
  • Separate compartments for size 5 balls and shoes.
  • Ample interior space for gear and equipment.
  • Multiple pockets for organized storage.
  • Padded straps and comfortable carrying handle for easy transport.

Also Available

Elevate your sports experience with the Avila Soccer Backpack - Black/Royal, an ideal companion not only for soccer but also for Volleyball, Basketball, and more. Suitable for all ages, this backpack offers versatility with a range of colors to choose from. With ample space for your gear and a designated compartment for a size 5 ball, the Avila Soccer Backpack ensures you stay organized and ready for action. 

  • Crafted from a robust 600D Poly/Jacquard blend material, this backpack delivers exceptional durability. The mesh pockets provide breathable storage, allowing you to air out your shoes and gear. The Avila Soccer Backpack boasts separate compartments for a ball and shoes, ensuring convenient organization and protection for your equipment.

  • Whether heading to practice, or a game or simply need a reliable bag for your soccer essentials, the soccer bag is the perfect choice for players of all levels. Its thoughtful design includes various compartments, including a side pocket for a water bottle, a front zip pocket for small items, and an internal laptop sleeve.
  • Padded straps offer ultra-comfortable wear, ensuring effortless transportation of your gear even during long walks. The backpack's comfortable carrying handle provides an alternative option when you prefer not to use the shoulder straps. With durability, functionality, and comfort at its core, the Soccer Backpack stands out as the go-to choice for soccer enthusiasts.

Discover unmatched durability and organization with the Vizari Soccer Backpack. Crafted for soccer enthusiasts, this high-quality backpack offers breathable storage, separate compartments for a ball and shoes, and padded straps for ultra-comfortable wear. Elevate your soccer experience with the Avila Soccer Backpack ? the perfect blend of style and functionality for players of all levels.

    Product FAQs

    Q: What material is the Avila Soccer Backpack made of?

    Ans: The Avila Soccer Backpack is made of a 600D Poly/Jacquard blend material.

    Q: Does the backpack have separate compartments for a size 5 ball and shoes?

    Ans: Yes, the backpack has separate compartments for a size 5 ball and shoes.

    Q: Is there ample space for gear and equipment in the backpack?

    Ans: Yes, the backpack offers ample interior space for gear and equipment.

    Q: Are the straps padded for comfort during transport?

    Ans: Yes, the backpack features padded straps for comfortable carrying.

    Q: Can the Avila Soccer Backpack be used for sports other than soccer?

    Ans: Yes, the backpack is versatile and suitable for sports like volleyball, basketball, and more.