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Boca Firm Ground Soccer Shoes - Black/White

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Upper: Two-color textured synthetic upper. Strong and durable with anti-stretch lining. Padded heel and collar lining for comfort.
  • Outsole: Two-color molded rubber for comfort and traction. Stitched to upper for durability.
  • Lightweight Rubber sole to provide comfortable wear & water resistance.
  • Easily adjustable laces allow these shoes to easily form to your foot.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.

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Vizari Unisex Boca Firm Ground Soccer Shoes - Black/White are designed to give your young soccer star the best performance possible for outdoor firm-ground football games. The Boca Firm Ground soccer shoes combine a strong and durable upper, padded lining for comfort, a two-color molded rubber outsole for traction, and a lightweight rubber sole for comfortable wear. With their easily adjustable laces, these shoes provide a secure and customized fit. They are designed to enhance your performance on firm ground surfaces while keeping you comfortable throughout the game.

  • The Boca Firm Ground Soccer Shoes feature a two-color textured synthetic upper that is strong and durable. It is designed with an anti-stretch lining to maintain its shape over time. The padded heel and collar lining provide additional comfort for a pleasant wearing experience. The lightweight and durable construction sures a comfortable fit and optimum performance on the field. The breathable and flexible upper material also helps to keep the foot cool during long matches.
  • The Boca Firm Ground Soccer Cleats are equipped with a two-color molded rubber outsole. This outsole not only offers comfort but also provides excellent traction on the ground. The outsole is stitched to the upper for enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. 
  • The shoes have a lightweight rubber sole that offers a comfortable fit and wear. It provides cushioning and absorbs impact, making each step comfortable. Additionally, the rubber sole is water-resistant, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • The Firm Ground Soccer Cleats come with easily adjustable laces, allowing you to customize the fit and easily form the shoes to the shape of your foot. A well-padded collar and footbed make these shoes extremely comfortable. Wear them during long games and score goals with ease.


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