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Tocar Premium Hand Stitched Soccer Ball - Zima Blue

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 100% PU textured non-woven Matt material
  • Wool-filled bladder for low bounce performance
  • Dynamic, colorful graphics
  • Easy to see and track on all surfaces.
  • Hand-stitched with multi-layer lamination for greater aerodynamic stability
  • Available in 3 colors!

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Elevate Your Game with Tocar Premium Hand-Stitched Soccer Ball

Introducing the Tocar Premium Hand-Stitched Soccer Ball - Zima Blue, an epitome of excellence in futsal soccer. Crafted with 100% PU textured non-woven Matt material in Zima Blue, this ball not only looks premium but delivers top-notch performance. The wool-filled bladder ensures low bounce, offering players exceptional control and precision during the game.


  • Reliable Grip and Maximum Control - Feel the thrill of the game with the Futsal Soccer Ball. The textured non-woven Matt material provides an excellent grip and a great feel, ensuring maximum control on the pitch. Its unique design enhances precision, allowing players to enjoy the game with confidence. Whether in the backyard, park or on the professional field, this soccer ball is reliable and durable for every play.
  • Dynamic Graphics - Stand out on the field with the Tocar Futsal Soccer Ball's dynamic and vibrant graphics. Easy to track and see on all surfaces, this ball is perfect for both competitive and recreational play. The striking design adds flair to every kick, making it a favorite among players who appreciate both style and functionality.
  • Stability for Performance - Hand-stitched with multi-layer lamination, the Tocar Futsal Soccer Ball guarantees enhanced aerodynamic stability. This feature not only elevates touch and control but also maximizes speed during gameplay. Take your game to the next level with a soccer ball that delivers superior performance and an unforgettable playing experience.

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