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Vector Soccer Shin Guard-Black

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Low profile PP deflecting shell for protection.
  • Shin guard. does not include a sleeve.
  • Excellent practice guard for soccer players
  • Small Medium and Large Sizes for Teens, Adults, or Big Kids

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When you're looking for a top-quality shin guard that provides superior comfort and protection, choose the Vizari. This shin guard is designed to fit both children and adults and comes in a range of colors and patterns so there's something to suit every soccer fan. The high-quality construction sures durability and features an adjustable back strap for a customized fit. Vizari's shin guards are ideal for training, league play, and other activities. Low profile PP deflecting shell for protection. Excellent practice guard for soccer players.

  • The Vector Soccer Shin guards Featuring a lightweight and durable PP shell, provide enhanced protection against impact and abrasion, making it ideal for practice or game use.
  • Vector shinguard features a secure fit while allowing users to quickly and easily slip them on and off making it a choice for any soccer player.
  • The Vector Shin guards are ideal for practice sessions. They offer reliable protection for soccer players, helping to reduce the risk of injuries while honing their skills on the field.

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