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Cali Soccer Ball-Pink/Black

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 32-panel soccer ball
  • MST and close-stitched technology
  • Rubber bladder for best air retention.
  • Eye-catching Graphics
  • Exceptional Performance


Cali Soccer Ball is the perfect choice for outdoor play. Made from a durable synthetic material, this 32-panel soccer ball features MST and close-stitched technology for superior quality and performance. Plus, it hasrubber bladder for improved air retention. Get ready to make every kick count with Cali Soccer Ball!

  • The Cali Soccer Ball is a 32-panel masterpiece that combines exceptional performance with eye-catching graphics. Designed to make a statement on the field, this ball features vibrant and captivating graphics that will instantly catch everyone's attention. The 32-panel construction sures optimal flight and consistent performance, making it perfect for both casual play and competitive matches. Elevate your game with the Cali Soccer Ball!
  • This ball features MST and close-stitched construction, guaranteeing exceptional performance on the field. With its advanced manufacturing techniques, the Cali Soccer Ball sures durability, longevity, and a consistent shape throughout countless matches. Get ready to improve your skills with the Cali Soccer Ball!
  • This high-quality ball is designed to elevate your game with its exceptional features. Equipped with a rubber bladder, it offers the best air retention, sure consistent performance throughout your matches and training sessions. Say goodbye to frequent re-inflation interruptions and focus on your skills and technique.