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Sion Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves-Orange/White

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 3-MM Duplatex Palm.
  • The synthetic material and Lightweight design for maximum comfort and protection.
  • 8cm elastic fitted wristband
  • Good for training, practice, or light game use.
  • Sizes from kids size 4 to adult size 10


The Sion Soccer Goalkeeper 3mm Duplatex Gloves are designed to provide superior grip and protection for aspiring soccer goalkeepers. These gloves are made with a synthetic material to sure a lightweight, durable construction. The gloves feature an orange and white color scheme with a padded palm to help reduce the impact of shots and save those hard-earned goals. Whether you're a junior goalkeeper, these gloves are the perfect choice for any level of play.

  • The Sion Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves feature a 3-MM Duplatex palm, providing superior grip and control during matches. These gloves are designed to enhance a goalkeeper's performance, offering excellent ball handling and shot-stopping capabilities. With their advanced palm technology, the Sion gloves sure optimal comfort and protection for goalkeepers on the field.
  • The lightweight, flexible fabric sures a snug fit that won't restrict your movements, while the strategically placed padding on the palms and fingers provides superior grip and protection. With a stylish design, these gloves will make a great addition to your soccer gear.
  • Featuring an 8 cm elastic fitted wristband, these gloves offer a snug, secure fit, allowing for maximum control and comfort. Available in sizes from kids size 4 to adult size 10, you are sure to find the perfect size for your needs. With a sleek design and durable construction, these gloves are sure to keep your hands protected and your goal safe!

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