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Salerno F.P. Goalkeeper Gloves w/ Finger Support Protection-Black/Yellow/Grey

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 3+3mm Super Grip German Latex Palm
  • Air Mesh backhand and thumb crotch for breathability
  • Pre-curved finger protection sticks
  • Elasticized bandage style full wrap strap with Velcro wrist closure
  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent palm protection


These Salerno F.P. Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves offer superior protection with finger support to help keep your hands safe and secure during intense play. The gloves are made of a durable and lightweight material that is both breathable and flexible, allowing you to keep your grip on the ball. The gloves feature a unique finger support system that helps to protect your hands from impact. The vibrant black, yellow, and gray color combination makes these gloves a great choice for any goalkeeper.

  • Salerno F.P. Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Support Protection is the ultimate choice for goalkeepers seeking top-notch performance and hand protection. These gloves feature a 3+3mm Super Grip German Latex Palm, sure exceptional grip and control in all weather conditions. The Finger Support Protection system provides added stability and prevents finger injuries during saves and impacts. With an Air Mesh backhand and thumb crotch, these gloves offer superior breathability, keeping your hands cool and comfortable throughout the game. 
  • These gloves feature pre-curved finger protection sticks, offering enhanced support and preventing finger injuries during intense saves. The elasticized bandage-style full-wrap strap with a Velcro wrist closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit, providing optimal comfort and stability.
  • These gloves are designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions. With their advanced finger support protection, these gloves offer enhanced stability and prevent finger injuries during intense saves. The excellent palm protection sures optimal grip and impact absorption, giving you the confidence to make those crucial saves. Elevate your goalkeeping performance with the Salerno F.P. Goalkeeper Gloves.