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Mini National Team Soccer Balls-Australia Yellow

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 30-panel cover for improved durability and control
  • Machine sewed for increased durability and consistent performance
  • Rubber bladder for optimal air retention and bounce
  • Use For Skill Practice or Collect All Eight
  • Ships deflated. Please inflate before using a low-pressure soccer ball air pump.

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The Vizari National Team Soccer Balls are made with high-quality rubber for superior durability. The balls are designed to provide the perfect balance between performance and control. They feature a textured surface for improved grip and control. They are perfect for all levels of play from youth to professional.

  • The Vizari National Team Soccer Balls are a great choice for recreational and competitive play. The 30-panel cover is made of rubber for improved durability and control, making it a great choice for practice or gameplay. 
  • These Balls are designed for high-level play and provide the ultimate in performance and control. These machine-sewed balls are crafted with durable construction.
  • The rubber bladder ensures optimal air retention, providing reliable bounce and a soft touch. Choose the Vizari National Team Soccer Ball to take your game to the next level.