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Livorno Soccer Ball - Lime Green

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Durable TPU construction for improved ball control and accuracy.
  • 32-panel Soft-touch textured synthetic material for superior durability.
  • Fiber-filled thread wound bladder for superior air retention.
  • Butyl valve for extended air retention.
  • Available in 3 sizes (3, 4, 5) to suit different ages and skill levels.
  • Available 3 New Colors to Match Your Vibe!

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  • Durable Performance for Endless Fun: Designed for high-performance sports, the Soccer Ball is more than just a ball – it's a reliable companion for active play. Its robust construction and durable materials withstand tough conditions, making it suitable for various playing surfaces.

  • Tailored for Different Ages and Styles: Choose from three different sizes to match your age and skill level. The 'Livorno' Soccer Ball introduces two new colors, allowing you to showcase your unique style on the field. Crafted from high-quality materials, this soccer ball is built to last, ensuring countless hours of active and enjoyable play.
  • Elevate Your Game: With its excellent design and performance features, the Livorno Soccer Ball takes your soccer experience to the next level. Whether you're honing your skills or engaging in competitive matches, this ball combines precision, style, and durability to make every game memorable.

Experience the joy of soccer with the Livorno Soccer Ball – the perfect choice for soccer enthusiasts who demand quality, style, and enduring performance.