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Liga Firm Ground Soccer Shoes-Black/Blue

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • The upper is made of durable, stretch-resistant synthetic materials. For maximum durability, these kids' soccer cleats are precisely cemented to their upper and riveted at the heel and toe.
  • The lining of the collar and the padded heel provides superior comfort.
  • The upper is lined with anti-stretch fabric. 
  • A firm ground TPU outsole with 11 molded studs. These Vizari shoes are absolutely safe for kids because they don't contain any metal plates.
  • Children of various ages can wear Vizari's Liga soccer footwear.
  • Available in three colors.

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 Step onto the field with confidence and style wearing the Vizari Liga Firm Ground Soccer Shoes in Black/Blue. Engineered for both beginners and experts, these soccer cleats are a testament to Vizari's commitment to excellence in design, comfort, and performance. 

Unparalleled Durability and Support - The upper of the Liga Firm Ground Soccer Shoes is crafted from durable, stretch-resistant synthetic materials. Precisely cemented and riveted at the heel and toe, these cleats ensure maximum durability, providing long-lasting support for young soccer enthusiasts. The meticulous construction guarantees a snug fit, allowing players to focus on the game without compromising on comfort.

Superior Comfort and Stability - Experience superior comfort with the lining of the collar and the padded heel in the Vizari Liga cleats. Designed to cradle the foot and provide stability during intense gameplay, these features contribute to an unforgettable soccer experience for children of all ages. The anti-stretch fabric lining ensures stability, allowing young players to make agile moves with confidence.

Firm Ground Traction - The Liga Firm Ground Soccer Shoes feature a TPU outsole with 11 molded studs, specifically designed for firm ground surfaces. The lightweight yet durable outsole provides superior traction, grip, and durability, making these cleats perfect for outdoor soccer performance. Whether it's natural or artificial turf, these cleats deliver optimal performance, allowing players to showcase their skills with every stride.

Safe and Stylish - Vizari prioritizes safety, and the Liga cleats are free from metal plates, ensuring the safety of young players. With a sleek black and blue design, these cleats not only perform on the field but also make a stylish statement. Available in three colors, these cleats allow young soccer enthusiasts to express their individuality while taking their game to new heights.

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