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Kids Tesoro JR ID Indoor Soccer/Futsal Shoes | for Boys and Girls-Black/White

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Lightweight design for maximum comfort
  • Non-marking rubber sole for grip and durability
  • Perforated upper for breathability
  • Padded tongue and collar for added protection
  • Padded insole for shock absorption

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The Vizari Kids Tesoro JR ID Indoor Soccer Shoe is a comfortable and affordable indoor or futsal shoe designed to give you the maximum comfort for value. It has a synthetic upper with embossed stitching that is lightweight, durable, and ultra-comfortable. The outsole is a non-marking rubber sole for traction and comfort on hard and synthetic indoor surfaces. A great shoe for Kids (Toddlers, Little, and Big Kids) Playing Indoor or Futsal Soccer

  • Lightweight and comfortable, this design ensures maximum comfort while you go about your day. The lightweight construction means it won't weigh you down, and the careful craftsmanship ensures maximum comfort. Ideal for everyday use, this design is perfect for those who want a comfortable, lightweight experience.
  • This non-marking rubber sole is designed to provide maximum grip and durability on a variety of surfaces. The rubber sole has a non-marking tread pattern that won't leave marks on delicate surfaces, making it ideal for indoor use. The sole also features reinforced sidewalls for added strength and stability, so you can feel confident walking or run in any environment.
  • The Padded Tongue and Collar is a comfortable and protective piece of footwear designed to provide extra cushioning and support to the foot. The tongue and collar are lined with soft padding, which helps to reduce friction and increase comfort. The padding also helps to protect the foot from any hard surfaces or objects that might otherwise cause discomfort. The padding helps to evenly spread the weight of the foot and aids in reducing fatigue and improving stability.
  • This padded insole is designed to provide shock absorption for your feet, reducing the impact of each step and helping to keep you comfortable during your activities. It is made with a soft, flexible foam material that contours to the shape of your foot, and has a textured surface to provide extra grip.