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Heavy Duty Net Mesh Ball Bag - Black

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Heavy Duty Net Bag made from 600D polyester net and rugged fine nylon mesh.
  • Carry 12-13 size 5 Balls easily.
  • Adjustable shoulder Strap to carry the Bag
  • Large Holding Capacity 
  • The heavy-duty net makes the Bag highly durable.

VIZARI Soccer Ball Bag - Sports Equipment Bag, Mesh Ball Bag, Beach Bag or Snorkel Gear Bag with Shoulder Strap - Extra Large 30 Inches X 40 Inches Commercial Grade Mesh - Perfect for Equipment Storage, Soccer Balls, Scuba Gear, Beach Toys, Basketball Bag, and Snorkel Gear. The heavy-duty net makes the Bag highly durable.

  • The Heavy Duty Net Mesh Ball Bag in black is a reliable and durable solution for carrying and transporting your sports balls. Made from high-quality 600D polyester net and rugged fine nylon mesh, this bag is built to last. It offers ample storage space and can comfortably accommodate 12-13 sizes of 5 balls, making it ideal for team practices, games, or recreational activities. Whether you're a coach, player, or sports enthusiast, this ball bag provides a convenient and sturdy way to carry your equipment.
  • Adjustable shoulder Strap to carry the Bag. This reduces shoulder stress when carrying heavy loads. An extra side handle provides convenience for moving in and out of the car and dumping out the content in the bag.
  • VIZARI Heavy Duty Mesh Bag is perfect for sports equipment, beach trips, events, and much more! Holds anything from balls for team practice to swimming gear and camping supplies. The extra thick drawstring opening not only makes access to your equipment easy but also provides a secure and tight closure. Professional soccer ball bag for coach-player, diving any outdoor sports