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Dino Soccer Ball-Green/Blue

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 32-panel design for maximum control and accuracy
  • Synthetic material for improved ball feel
  • Most close-stitched technology for maximum durability
  • Rubber bladder for improved air retention
  • Exciting graphics for enhanced visibility and playability


This Dino Soccer Ball is designed to provide maximum control and accuracy with its 32-panel design. Crafted from synthetic material for an improved ball feel, its most closely stitched technology ensures maximum durability. The rubber bladder ensures improved air retention for a longer-lasting ball, while the exciting graphics provides enhanced visibility and playability.

  • Play like a pro with this Dino Soccer Ball featuring a 32-panel design for maximum control and accuracy. Ideal for practice and match play, this ball is designed to help you improve your game.
  • Experience an improved soccer ball feel with our Dino Synthetic material Soccer Ball. Featuring close-stitched technology for maximum durability, this ball is perfect for intense and competitive play.
  • This durable ball features a rubber bladder for improved air retention, making it perfect for hours of play.
  • Discover fun with the Dino Soccer Ball! Featuring exciting graphics for enhanced visibility and playability, this soccer ball is perfect for outdoor games and activities. Get ready for hours of fun with the Dino Soccer Ball!