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Cali Soccer Shin Guard with Ankle Protection-Pink/Black

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Lightweight PP shell for protection and durability
  • Foam-padded backing for comfort and shock absorption
  • Unique front strap closing system for secure fit and support.
  • Unique graphics on a PP shell protection
  • Winter/frozen-themed design for added style and uniqueness.


This Cali Soccer Shin guard with Ankle Protection is the perfect choice for both boys and girls. The lightweight PP shell provides superior protection and durability, while the foam-padded backing provides extra comfort and shock absorption for hard-hitting play. The unique front strap closing system sures a secure fit and support, and the ankle protection gives you extra coverage and protection. Finally, the winter/frozen-themed design adds a touch of style and uniqueness.

  • The lightweight PP shell offers superior protection and durability in a lightweight package. Perfect for any activity, this shell provides optimal protection and lasting performance.
  • This foam-padded backing provides superior comfort and shock absorption for long-lasting use. Its lightweight design is perfect for everyday use and its advanced cushioning helps reduce the impact of bumps and jolts. Enjoy maximum comfort and protection with this foam-padded backing.
  • The Unique front strap closing system is a specialized feature designed to sure a secure fit and provide extra support. The system consists of adjustable straps on the front of the shoe that is easily adjustable to fit the user's foot perfectly. The straps provide a snug fit that helps keep the foot in place and prevent slippage or discomfort. Additionally, the straps provide extra support to the arch and heel of the foot, helping to reduce fatigue and improve performance.
  • Designed with a PP shell, this shin guard offers superior impact resistance while keeping your legs safe during intense soccer matches. The unique graphics on the shell add a stylish touch, making you stand out on the field. The Ankle Protection is designed to provide extra coverage and protection for the ankles. The ankle protection also has padding for added comfort and protection from impacts. It is ideal for sports, outdoor activities, and everyday use.

Product FAQs

Q: Is this shin guard suitable for both boys and girls?

Ans: Yes, this Cali Soccer Shin guard with Ankle Protection is the perfect choice for both boys and girls.

Q: What material is the shell made of?

Ans: The shell is made of lightweight PP for protection and durability.

Q: Does this shin guard provide ankle protection?

Ans: Yes, this shin guard comes with ankle protection for extra coverage and protection.

Q: How is the fit of this shin guard secured?

Ans: The unique front strap closing system ensures a secure fit and support.

Q: What is the design of this shin guard?

Ans: This shin guard features a winter/frozen-themed design for added style and uniqueness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Work and fit great

I love the Vizari Cali Soccer Shinguard! The ankle protection is a huge plus, and the shinguard's durability is impressive.

Nice color, fit and protection.

The Cali Soccer Shinguard with Ankle Protection is outstanding! It offers excellent shin and ankle protection, and the fit is perfect. Highly recommend!

very comfortable

I bought the Cali Soccer Shinguard for my daughter, and she absolutely loves them. The ankle protection gives her added confidence on the field, and the shinguard provides excellent coverage. Great buy!

light weight and good protection.

The fit is perfect, and the ankle guard stays in place throughout the game. Highly recommend!

fit well!

I love how lightweight these shinguards are, yet they offer such great protection. Truly impressive!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review