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Blaze Firm Ground Soccer Shoes-Blue/Orange

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Rubber sole
  • Upper: Unique Flame graphics on a shiny durable, synthetic leather. 
  • Outsole: Two-color molded rubber for comfort and traction. Stitched to the upper for durability.
  • Padded heel and collar lining for added comfort.
  • Strong grip
  • Perfect for Boys and Girls. Sizing runs from 8 Child to Youth Size 3
  • Available in two shiny colors

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The Blaze Firm Ground Cleats are a sleek and stylish design perfect for the soccer field. These cleats feature a captivating Flame graphic design on a sleek and robust synthetic leather upper, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. The outsole of these cleats is crafted from a two-color molded rubber material, delivering a harmonious combination of comfort and traction. The cleats have an adjustable lacing system for a secure fit. To enhance comfort, the shoes are equipped with padded heel and collar lining, providing extra cushioning and support. Elevate your performance with the Blaze Firm Ground soccer cleats, combining unmatched style, comfort, durability, and grip for a truly exceptional playing experience.

  • The Blaze Firm Ground Cleats are designed with a unique flame graphic on a shiny, durable synthetic upper. Featuring a lightweight construction, these cleats are perfect for running and agility drills on the pitch. The shoes feature a rubber sole that offers a strong grip and excellent traction on firm ground surfaces. They are designed with a snug fit and an adjustable lacing system that helps ensure the best fit for your feet and provides a secure fit.
  • These Cleats are designed to provide optimal comfort and traction while playing on firm ground surfaces. The cleats feature a two-color rubber molded outsole that provides superior grip, along with padding around the collar lining and the footbed for added comfort. Perfect for those looking for a sturdy cleat that provides the necessary traction while playing, the Blaze Firm Ground Cleats will give you the confidence you need to reach peak performance.

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