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Aptos Soccer Shin Guard with Sleeve-Green/Black

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Plain EVA bonded shell with hot stamp foiled PPCP front
  • Lightweight PP shell
  • EVA Padding
  • Comes with compression sleeves without pocket.
  • Protects from hit & Injury.
  • For Child and Youth.

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The Aptos Shinguard with Sleeve shin guard is designed to protect your legs during sports activities. Made with a lightweight, breathable material, it features an adjustable sleeve that allows for a comfortable fit. The green and black color combination offers a stylish look. This provides excellent protection from impacts and abrasions, making it perfect for any sport.

  • These Shinguads with sleeves feature a plain EVA-bonded shell, sure reliable durability and impact resistance. The hot stamp foiled PPCP front adds an extra layer of style and flair. The Aptos Shinguard with Sleeve is designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, making it easy to slide on and off. Whether you're training or playing in a match, these shin guards offer essential protection without compromising on convenience.
  • This Aptos Shinguard with Sleeve provides top-notch protection for your feet and ankles. It features a lightweight PP shell with EVA padding to sure comfort and optimal protection during any activity. You won't have to worry about laces or straps getting in the way of your game!
  • These shin guards come with compression sleeves that provide a secure fit and added support, sure you're protected from hits and injuries on the field. Designed without a pocket, the compression sleeves offer convenience and ease of use. With the Aptos Shinguard with Sleeve, you can confidently focus on your game, knowing that you have the necessary protection to keep you safe during intense matches or training sessions. The green and black color combination makes it a stylish addition to any sportswear wardrobe. Whether training or competing, this shin guard will provide reliable protection while still allowing the athlete to perform at their peak.

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