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Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball-White

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • 32-panel design for improved air retention and control
  • Hand-sewn for durability and longevity
  • Shiny TPU film and 2mm EVA for superior grip and ball control
  • SR Bladder for superior air retention
  • Ships deflated for easy storage and transportation
  • Available in two colors!

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The Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball is a high-quality sports ball designed for competitive play. The Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball is a perfect game ball for teens and adults. This hand-stitched soccer ball is made of 32 panels, constructed to provide excellent durability and performance. The ball is designed to meet the highest standards of play, with an SR bladder for maximum air retention. It features a bright, two-tone design that makes it easy to track on the field. This ball is perfect for practice and games alike and will help improve your soccer skills.

  • The Vizari Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball Game Ball is the perfect choice for teens and adults. It features a 32-panel design for ensures excellent accuracy and ball control, making it an excellent choice for any game. It is hand-sewn to sure maximum durability and longevity, so you can play for months or years without needing to replace it. The design also features a colorful, vibrant pattern for a stylish look. 
  • This game ball is constructed with a shiny TPU film and 2mm EVA for superior grip, allowing for maximum control and accuracy when playing. The 2mm EVA foam provides an extra layer of cushioning, offering a soft touch and improved control during gameplay. In addition, equipped with an SR bladder, the Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball ensures optimal air retention so you can enjoy consistent performance for longer. 
  • This ball is made from a durable, High-quality material so it can withstand intense play. It ships deflated for easy storage and transportation. It's also available in two colors so you can easily find your perfect match. Whether you're playing in a match or just having a kick around in the park, the Vizari Stadio Match NFHS Soccer Ball Game Ball is a perfect choice.

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