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Santos JR. Firm Ground Soccer Shoes -Green/Blue

by Vizari Sports

Reviews :

  • Synthetic material for superior quality and comfort
  • Upper: Ultra comfortable textured synthetic upper. Lightweight and durable.
  • Outsole: Molded TPU outside with round studs for stability and maximum traction. Ideal for firm/hard playing surfaces.
  • Apt for a crazy-quick movement to supercharge your play. Easily adjustable laces allow these shoes to easily form to your foot.
  • These shoes are extremely comfortable due to a footbed and collar that are both well-padded. Wear them during long games to easily score goals.
  • Available in two colors.

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Unleash Your Potential with Vizari Santos Jr. Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Cutting-Edge Comfort - The Vizari Santos Junior Firm Ground Cleats redefine comfort on the field. Crafted with an ultra-comfortable textured synthetic upper, these cleats offer a stylish and modern look that sets you apart. The lightweight design ensures agility without compromising durability, providing an optimal blend of style and performance. Experience the joy of moving effortlessly on the pitch with these innovative soccer shoes.

Mastering Stability - Designed for firm and hard playing surfaces, the Vizari Santos Cleats boast a molded TPU outsole with strategically placed round studs. This feature guarantees stability and maximum traction, enabling you to conquer the field with confidence. The cleats provide exceptional wear and water resistance, making them a reliable choice even on uneven or slippery terrain. Elevate your gameplay with a shoe that prioritizes stability and safety.

Swift Movements, Unmatched Performance - Experience the thrill of quick movements with the Vizari Santos Firm Ground Cleats. Engineered for maximum agility, these cleats feature adjustable laces for a secure and customized fit. Whether it's practice, training, or a crucial game, these shoes enhance your performance by allowing swift and precise movements. Dominate the field with a boost in speed and agility, leaving opponents in awe of your soccer prowess.

    Product FAQs

    Q: What material are these soccer shoes made of?

    Ans: These soccer shoes are made of synthetic material for superior quality and comfort.

    Q: What type of playing surface are these shoes ideal for?

    Ans: These shoes are ideal for firm/hard playing surfaces due to the molded TPU outsole with round studs for stability and maximum traction.

    Q: Are these shoes suitable for quick movements?

    Ans: Yes, these shoes are designed for crazy-quick movements to supercharge your play.

    Q: Are these shoes comfortable for long games?

    Ans: Yes, these shoes are extremely comfortable with a well-padded footbed and collar, making them suitable for long games.

    Q: What colors are these shoes available in?

    Ans: These shoes are available in two colors.

    Customer Reviews

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    Five Stars

    Size: 9.5 Color: Green
    True to the picture.

    Customer Reviews

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